Live Breathe Pilates is a boutique studio conveniantly located in Bundall. Our group class sizes are kept small (only 6 per class) to create a positive, supportive environment and will allow you to truly experience the Pilates Method the way it should be. We want everyone to enjoy the improved strength, flexbility and body awareness that regular Pilates practice can offer.

Bookings are essential - we have a 5 hour cancellation window for group classes and a 24 hour cancellation window for studio sessions so if you do need to cancel it will allow our other keen pilates-goers the opportunity to attend.




Our matwork classes are done on the mat using your own body weight as well as incorporating small apparatus as resistance.

These classes are perfect if you have no serious injuries and enjoy being able to move, all within your limits of course.


Matwork pilates has too many benefits to list them all but just to name a few:

·      Establish & maintain postural      strength and balance

·      Develop strong, lean muscles

·      Create muscle balance in the body

·      Improved coordionation of movement

·      Improved control of core muscles (abs & pelvic floor)

·      Helps to connect the mind & body




Our classes are done using the Pilates Reformer and is a great way of taking your pratice to another level. The reformer uses springs as resistance to both assist and challenge your body allowing for faster results.

These classes are again perfect if you have no serious injuries and love a new challenge!


Classes coming soon - to register your interest contact us





Pregnancy Pilates is a safe and effective way for you to maintain your general fitness and strength as well as prepare your mind and body for the wonderful journey of child birth. Our classes are designed to help your body adapt to the changes that pregnancy brings in a safe & relaxing environment and are also a great excuse to have some time out just for you.


Below are just some of the great benefits for you & bub:

·      Focus on improving pelvic floor function

·      Strengthening core

·      Maintaining posture

·      Better recover for post-pregnancy

·      Pilates breathing helps to relax the mind as well as stretch the intercostal muscles


Class numbers are kept to a maximum of 6 and are suitable for all women, regardless of your pilates experience, however you must be past your first trimester. If you are within your first trimester the best option is a Studio session so please contact us for more info. Bookings are essential to secure a spot however there is a 5 hour cancellation window to allow other keen Mummies to be the chance to join in.


All you need to bring with you to class is water, a towel (or mat) and a clearance letter from your Obstetrician or Doctor.

            STUDIO PILATES
Studio sessions are a great way to experience pilates on a more personal level using apparatus like the Cadillac, reformers, chairs, barrels and many more. Sessions can be either 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 ensuring your program is tailored to your body’s needs whilst accelerating results.

These sessions are a great option for people past the acute stage of an injury, pregnant clients (especially if in the first trimester), anyone looking to perfect their technique as well as many other special conditions.


All clients will start with an initial consultation which is not an intense workout but more of a chance for your instructor to discuss with you any past/present injuries, go through some of the basic pilates movements in more detail and to do a postural assessment. All of this will allow your instructor to put together a tailored program for you to get maximum results. After this it is then recommended to undertake another 2 private sessions before moving onto a semi-private session.


To register your interest in Studio Pilates contact us today!