I am a Pilates nerd! For years I have enjoyed my Pilates practice – an hour of time out all to myself, where all of life’s stresses would fade away and be totally absorbed by a matwork class. It wasn’t until I moved to Perth that I truly discovered my love for Pilates. My first experience in a Pilates studio was a totally different experience altogether, I was in love with Pilates all over again! I remember leaving my first reformer class and saying to my husband ” I want to become a Pilates instructor”! And while he did think I was a little crazy, 3 months later I had signed up for my first (of many) courses and haven’t looked back.

I am fully trained in matwork as well as all studio apparatus (reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, barrels etc). I have completed my Diploma of Professional Pilates instruction (through Pilates Training Institute in Perth) which takes up to 18months to complete and is one of the few qualifications that is government recognised. In addition to this I have also completed through Studio Pilates a matwork, reformer and pregnancy certification, as well as many other continuing education workshops. 

I have taught in many studios in Perth as well as on the Gold Coast and Tweed and now my family and I are living in the beautiful Pottsville on the northern coast of NSW where I teach mat classes from my home studio. 

While I have a love  for each of the apparatus I would have to say that I always come back to the mat. It's a great way to develop a strong understanding of the pilates method and is always challenging. What some people don't realise that in many ways matwork is often harder than using say a reformer as you need to support your own body weight - that can be tough! You will leave class feeling like you have worked hard but at the same time not feeling like you’ve punished your body. I hope you leave your class loving Pilates as much as I do!